Greek Week

Greek Week 2013 Preview

Whether you’re in Greek life or not, you probably know someone who is, so why not go out and support this week’s slew of events and see what Greek life is all about? 

Top 5 'liked' Greek Week 2012 photos

The Mason Fraternity and Sorority Life community took to Connect2Mason's Facebook page and voted on their top 5 photos in the Greek Week photo gallery, with the most liked featured in the story.

Greek Week's Shackathon raises $7500, awareness for homeless [VIDEO]

Greek Organizations paired up to build their shacks out of recyclable materials for the first time in this year's Shackathon fundraiser.

Greek Week changes highlight community, philanthropy

This year’s larger Greek Week planning group made changes to the tone to of some events, trading wild Shackathon themes for a theme of unity in philanthropy among campus's Greek life.

Greeks raise money for charity during Shack-a-Thon

Although the shacks have since come down, earlier this week sororities and fraternities hitched up small shacks, many themed, to raise money for charity. The annual Shack-a-Thon is celebrated every year during Greek Week, where Greeks from all around campus build and live in the small shacks, all while collecting money for Habitat for Humanity.

Blast from the past: Greek Week

Fraternities and sororities across the Mason campus are celebrating their annual Greek Week today through Friday. In honor of this week’s Greek Week, C2M's Alicia Thayer compiled GM View footage of Greek Weeks spanning 14 years back from 1991 to 2005.