Patriot Leaders

What do student leaders do?

Letter from the Editor

Last week, Fourth Estate published an article entitled “Five things you need to know about student leaders.” Before we jump into the complaints that many of our readers raised in the article’s comments, let me first explain the original intent of the article.

Five things you need to know about student life leaders

1.      They get paid

RAs, Peer Advisors, and Patriot Leaders all receive a stipend in the beginning of their working semesters, with amounts depending on the position. For those looking for work on campus, it’s a little-advertised option to consider.


2.      There’s a hierarchy

Mason pushing for exemption from health care coverage mandate

George Mason University officials are pushing for exemption from a new federal law requiring health insurance coverage for part-time workers.

Thousands of students to start lives as Patriots this summer

Freshman and new Patriot Brandon Edlow receives directions on how to to get to the next orientation location from Patriot Leader Roshni Dhillon. (Kevin Loker) 

Close to 5,000 new students and family members will get a glimpse of campus life as a Patriot this summer through university orientations.