Five things you need to know about student life leaders

RA practicing fire extinguishing techniques (photo by Evan Cantwell).
RA practicing fire extinguishing techniques (photo by Evan Cantwell).

1.      They get paid

RAs, Peer Advisors, and Patriot Leaders all receive a stipend in the beginning of their working semesters, with amounts depending on the position. For those looking for work on campus, it’s a little-advertised option to consider.


2.      There’s a hierarchy

Even Emma Rojas, a RA and Peer Advisor herself, says she goes to Patriot Leaders when she really needs to be in the know.

‘They’re the go to person for everything,” she says. “I know a lot about resources, but the Patriot Leaders really know everything about what’s going on, and especially the history of Mason.” 

Saber Chowdhury, a Patriot leader and RA, says he and his fellow Patriot leaders place a lot of emphasis on school spirit.


3.      Peer Advisors Get to Go Camping

 Peer Advisor training includes a complimentary camping trip for the trainees.

“We go to Camp Horizons in the spring, and you’re camping in a cabin with all the other PAs for the whole weekend doing training workshops with each other,” says Rojas. This camping trip is specific to Peer Advisors, so if it’s important to you, hop on board.


4.      RAs Get Those Nice, Big Rooms as Compensation

Housing on Mason’s campus is scarce and is harder to get as an upperclassman. A bonus of RA life is compensation for housing that’s guaranteed as a part of their position, a huge perk for out-of-state students like Rojas who can really struggle with finding housing options.  These rooms are single rooms or suites.


5.      The Peer Advisors Get to Tailor Their Curriculums

While they’re given set plans to follow, Peer Advisors are given some leeway in how they structure their classes. Rojas has her students do free journaling, instead of the structured responses that are recommended.

“I like learning about them as people, when I read what they write I learn a lot about their experiences”

 Correction: Original article stated that RA recieved housing for free. Updated version clarifies RA's recieve compensation for services with housing.                                                                                                                 

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