Pride Week drag show packs JC [BROADSIDE]+[VIDEO]

(Video edited by C2M Staff Videographer Trevor Desaussure, photo by Ed Bennett)

Published April 9, 2012 Broadside


Pride Week culminated Friday night with the much anticipated drag show.

The Johnson Center was cleared of all food court tables, making room for a stage and a few hundred chairsbut that wasn't sufficient for the turnout. Spectators dragged chairs from other areas of the JC in order to get a good view of the show. When there still wasn't enough seating, viewers climbed the stairs to every level of the building and lined the railings.

"I went last year and maybe the year before that. I just don't remember," said Jarrod Wadsworth, a junior communication major. "I was here last year with JuJuBee, and it was amazing!"

Mason's drag show is the best known and most attended event of Pride Week, generating an audience filled by not only students, but people from throughout the region.

Read the full piece by Broadside Opinion Editor Rebecca Norris in this week's Broadside.

You can see photos from the show on our Facebook page.


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