VoxPop on diversity set to release at Mason Day

A screenshot of VoxPop's cover. 

This year’s edition of VoxPop, a magazine produced within the Office of Student Media, will be available to students at Friday’s Mason Day festivities.

The student-run magazine usually takes on a cultural topic as a theme, with previous editions of VoxPop focusing on topics such as politics, green initiatives and music. This year’s theme is diversity.

“I wanted to showcase students who are different ages, older students, students from different countries, students who are veterans, and students with disabilities,” said VoxPop Editor-in-Chief Yasmin Tadjdeh. “I come from a multi-ethnic background. My dad is from Iran. My mom is from Bolivia. So I think I can bring a unique perspective to VoxPop.”

Tadjdeh said the diversity theme is an easy one to embrace because it is an important part of Mason’s cultural identity.

Last week, during Mason’s International Week events, several international students explained their own observances of diversity at Mason.

“I like the overall diverse culture at Mason,” said Sundeep Reddy, a graduate student from India.  “I want to meet more people and learn other cultures.”

“I always hear different languages walking around campus, it doesn’t happen in my country and it’s crazy,” said Erwin Camacho Jr., a sophomore student from Ecuador.

Tadjdeh said diversity is most visible in the wide range of ethnic cultures that exist at Mason.

“Mason represents students from over a hundred different countries, we’ve consistently been rated one of the most diverse campuses in the country,” said Tadjdeh. “I definitely think there’s a story to tell in that.”

While ethnic diversity is easy to recognize, Tadjdeh said the magazine brings attention to the many forms of diversity present on campus. She said that in addition to ethnic and multiethnic diversity, the magazine highlights diverse student experiences related to age, identity, and veteran status.

The VoxPop staff, which Tadjdeh brought together by advertising to departments through email, includes a managing editor, copy editor, photographers and several freelancers.

According to Tadjdeh, this year’s VoxPop is very graphics-based and has allowed the staff to be creative in the way they blend graphic design and copy in the magazine. Between the front and back cover, readers can expect to see 24 pages of diverse content, including a feature story written about a Mason student over the age of 40, and a personal narrative about a student with a disability.

The magazine also includes a “Twitter spread,” where five students explain how they are diverse in 140 characters or less.

Tadjdeh said she hopes the magazine will help students recognize the different forms of diversity that exist at Mason, reminding them that “diversity isn’t just about being from a different country.”

The magazine is free and can be picked up at Mason Day, occurring Friday, May 27, from 3-10 p.m. in Lot L on the Fairfax campus. Students can also receive a copy of VoxPop by visiting the Office of Student Media on the first floor of the HUB beginning Friday.

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