Zombies to invade campus

Weekends at Mason will be hosting a zombie invasion on Saturday afternoon. Here, a sign is pinned to a notice board promoting the event in "The Hub," formerly known as Student Union Building II. (Yasmin Tadjdeh)

Zombies will be invading George Mason University’s Fairfax Campus on Saturday, May 7. Or, at least, actors pretending to be zombies will be.

Hosted by Weekends at Mason (WAM), 150 students will take part in a faux-zombie invasion involving 150 students.

“The event is kind of a bunch of different things all in one—it’s part scavenger hunt, part tag [and] part amazing race challenge elements,” said Aubrey Meusel, a program assistant for WAM.

At the start of the event, 125 humans will be sent off to complete tasks throughout campus, amazing race style, while 25 zombies will attempt to turn as many humans as possible into members of their undead legion by tagging them. Once a human is tagged they must go to zombie base camp and receive their death notice as well as be zombified, said Meusel.

In the end, the first human to complete all the tasks will win. Meusel warned that many of challenges are difficult, and if no human can complete all the tasks by the end of the two-hour event, than the one with the most completed challenges wins.

The event, which has been in the works for the past two months, already has a wait list of 25 students. According to Meusel, spots filled up within a week of opening the sign up list.

“Zombies just grab people’s attentions,” said Meusel.

For information on the rules or to sign up for the wait list visit the Student Involvement website.

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