Andrew Decelle

How to cross the finals finish line [OPINION]

As I sit in Fenwick Library and think of the millions of ways I can occupy my time other than writing the two final papers of my college career, I can’t help but laugh at how my habits of procrastination always get in the way of my productivity.

Four years of late-night paper writing, always due to putting reading, research, writing and editing off until the last minute, have still not taught me to use my time wisely.

Will the real Mason Nation please stand up? [OPINION]

With 10 seconds left on the clock, the Rams were shooting free throws to add to their lead. The student section always stands during games, but at this point, they were urging the rest of Mason Nation (ironically, the fans who had to pay to be there) to join them.

“Stand up!” *Boom Boom* “Stand up!” *Boom Boom*