C2M Columnist David Noyes

OPINION: Why students should step out of comfort zones and embrace adventure

This week, a man jumped out of a tiny metal container twenty-five miles above the surface of the earth. He fell at nearly 1,000 mph before being slowed by a thickening atmosphere and what appeared to be a very small parachute. Watching this live on my laptop made me wonder if I would ever do anything this cool or adventurous in my entire life. Realistically, the answer is no—I will probably not climb Everest or parachute from outer space. But this doesn’t mean we all can’t embrace having a sense of adventure in our own lives. 

OPINION: The transition from Recreation to University Life for club sports brings forth unexpected challenges

Out of a student population of over thirty thousand, Mason has about 500 NCAA varsity athletes. While, as a community, we should be very proud of these athletes’ many achievements, there are hundreds of club athletes—outnumbering varsity athletes—who also contribute to the successes of Mason in athletic endeavors. Mason Club Football has won the Seaboard Conference Championship five times, 2000, 2001 and then defended the honor three consecutive times from 2003 to 2005.