C2M Columnist Riggs Ordonez

OPINION: Constricting parties and the illusion of choice

The election is finally upon us and we are adjusting schedules to ensure we get to the polls on time. Because the candidates have varying stances on very important issues, Americans want to make sure every vote counts. But, sitting in my friends’ breakfast nook, looking at my absentee ballot, I realize that there is only the illusion of choice: we live in a system where only the two main parties ever vie for positions of political power.

OPINION: The modern problem of technological dependence

With the release of the iPhone 5, it becomes increasingly more evident that we have a growing attachment to technology. In the past, we could have completed simple tasks without an $800 tablet in hand—we could look at maps or search through a physical contact book manually. But, in recent years, we have become completely dependent on technology for almost everything.