C2M Deputy Editor Jill Carter and C2M Deputy News Editor Frank Muraca

Overview of March 20 Board of Visitors meeting

Dining contract delayed

At a March 20 meeting, the Board of Visitors delayed a final decision to its ongoing dining contract negotiations. The university had been deciding whether or not to renew Sodexo’s contract or to choose a new company, Chartwells.

As of December 2012, Sodexo has been working with Mason for 25 years.

Romney appeals to women, small business owners, in local rally

Video Shot by Trevor DeSaussure and Jake McLernon

Video Edited by Trevor DeSaussure

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney held a rally in Fairfax on Thursday, September 13.

The rally took place in Van Dyck Park, two miles north of the Fairfax campus. Over 2,000 people attended.

“Northern Virginia could well determine who wins the election,” Romney told the audience.