C2M Executive Editor Kevin Loker

YouTube takes down LGBTQ Pride Week event video

YouTube earlier this week took down a Connect2Mason video covering a Pride Week community forum event about the LGTBQ community and Mason’s campus climate.

Merten to impart 'last lecture' wisdom

President Alan Merten will address students and other members of the Mason community Thursday with a talk on what wisdom he would choose to share if it were his hypothetical “last chance.”

Undergrad research program grows, student stipend boosted to $4,000

Program expansion for Mason opportunities for undergraduate research begins this summer, with new perks and larger stipends for students looking to develop research experience with a Mason community member with mutual interests.

SG ballots go online without choices for student senators

The online ballot for Student Government’s Spring 2012 elections that went live early Monday morning excluded the section in which to vote for student senators. Now fixed, the ballot only presented students with voting options for student body president and vice president.

Less than 130 students were affected by the “irregularity,” according to Election and Disputes Commission chairman David Bier, who said Monday morning that the students who only got to vote for executive positions will be contacted about how they can still vote for student senators.

Jordan/Garrett: ‘Maltreatment,’ ‘lynchings’ need to end

With no further recourse, ousted student body president and vice president candidates Michael Jordan and Donald Garrett released an official statement Wednesday saying they are now “throwing full support” behind Liam Hennelley and Mohamed Ahmed ticket.

The duo also again expressed strong emotion regarding student governance at Mason, which they equated to ‘maltreatment’ and ‘lynchings.’

SG ballot removal finalized after second appeal fails

The faculty review board tasked with the second stage of an appeal process upheld the Student Government Election and Disputes Commission’s decision to remove Michael Jordan and Donald Garrett’s ticket from the ballot for next year’s student body president and vice president.

[UPDATE] SG candidates appeal after Facebook photo leads to ballot removal

UPDATE: Tuesday, March 27, 2:48 p.m. The EDC reaches vote on appeal.

Student Government’s Election and Disputes Commission decided Thursday to remove Michael Jordan and Donald Garrett’s ticket from the student body president and vice president ballot after determining they violated the election code by campaigning too early.

Dewberry donates $1 million to engineering school

Lloyd Griffiths announced the gift March 9 at an engineering school event. (Jake McLernon)

The Dean of the Volgenau School of Engineering announced last week a $1 million gift for the university’s growing civil engineering department.

Cabrera 'all for' football, if able to pay

Mason currently has a club football team, but last week during a meet-and-greet with the Faculty Senate, incoming president Angel Cabrera left at least some room for more.

Cabrera on open search: 'Probably not'

Incoming university president Ángel Cabrera told a Faculty Senate member Wednesday that if the presidential search was open, he likely wouldn’t have continued through the process.

“Probably not,” Cabrera told Faculty Senate member Stanley Zoltek at an informal meet-and-greet. “It would have damaged my reputation.”