C2M Faculty and Academics Reporter Alex Perry

Steven Klein to leave journalism department

After fourteen years at George Mason University, professor Steven Klein of the journalism department will be leaving the university at the end of the spring 2013 semester.

Klein is currently the coordinator for the journalism concentration of the 

Faculty promotion and tenure to undergo changes

The method through which George Mason University faculty are promoted and awarded tenure are expected to undergo potentially controversial changes.

On March 20, Mason’s Office of the Provost met with the Board of Visitors to discuss those changes.

“[We’re proposing] a different structure for the university appeals committee, and reducing the role of the Board of Visitors in the appeals process,” said Peter Stearns, provost for the university.

Boehm-Davis named new dean of CHSS

Deborah Boehm-Davis, the current associate dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, has been chosen to succeed Jack Censer as the new dean of the college.

She is scheduled to assume her new role on July 1.

Boehm-Davis is also a university professor of psychology at Mason. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Douglass College and Rutgers University, as well as both a Master's degree and a PhD in cognitive psychology from the University of California, Berkley.

Mason to contribute to life sciences research

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership announced the creation of the Virginia Biosciences Health Research Corporation on Monday, Feb. 5. The organization's goal is to spark life sciences research in Northern Virginia with the assistance of key Virginia universities.

George Mason University is among the five charter universities of the VBHRC. The other four are Eastern Virginia Medical School, the University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia tech.

Mason Votes receives award for political engagement

Mason Votes is a student-run organization that promotes political awareness and involvement (photo courtesy of Mason Votes).

Mason Votes, the George Mason University’s student-run political awareness organization, will receive the Democracy Cup Award from the Campus Election Engagement Project. Mason was recognized as one of the top four campuses within Virginia higher education to "engage their campuses and communities in the 2012 election," according to a press release.

"The CEEP is a national organization that tries to educate college campuses and students about the importance of being involved in the democratic process," said Shane Smith, executive director of Mason Votes and senior at the university. "We relied on them for the grant money that we applied [for] and received in order to do the things that made us successful in the end."

Nobel-winning economics professor passes away

On Jan. 9, James Buchanan, a Mason professor emeritus and Nobel Prize winning economist, passed away at the age of 93 in Blacksburg, Virginia, where he lived.

Buchanan was the founder of Mason's Center of Study of Public Choice, which he founded at Virginia Tech in 1969 and relocated to Mason in 1983. He received the Nobel Prize in 1986 for his work on Public Choice theory. After retiring in 1999, Buchanan continued to serve as advisory general director for Center of Study of Public Choice until his death.

Prince William campus prepares for opening of graduate housing

The new Beacon Hall housing building at George Mason University's Prince William campus will officially open its doors to graduate students on Nov. 3.

The five-floor building will be Mason's first housing structure designed solely for its graduate student population.

"It's going to be a marvelous facility," said Ron Carmicheal, Chief Operating Officer for the Prince William campus.

Carmicheal described Beacon Hall as the first step of Mason's vision for a more innovative, biotechnology focused campus.

Mason professors debate on government subsidized education

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, Bryan Caplan and Steven Pearlstein debated at the Johnson Center Cinema about whether the government should stop promoting and subsidizing higher education.

This debate was a follow-up to the flash debate on Wednesday, Oct. 17, that covered the same topic. Both the flash debate and the Johnson Center debate were arranged by the George Mason University Economics Society. 

New campus in South Korea to open by 2014

The George Mason University Board of Visitors recently authorized the university administration to establish a branch campus in Incheon, South Korea.

The new campus will be established at the Songdo Global University Campus, a location offshore of Korea that is part of the Incheon Free Economic Zone project.

The project intends to bring international businesses, technology and medical industries and education facilities such as foreign schools to the Songdo area, according to the campus website.

Prince William campus gets first executive officer

After years of expansion at the George Mason University Prince William campus, Mason has hired its first executive to oversee operations and ongoing changes to the campus.

In the middle of rush-hour traffic, Annie Hunt Burriss had much to say about her new home at the university.

"I'm ready to work hard," Burriss said in a phone interview. "I'm going to create an environment where people can succeed and be happy and innovative."