C2M Senior News Editor Jordan J. Frasier

Route-123 overpass funding secured

Mason’s Fairfax campus is one step closer to construction of a congestion-easing overpass to connect the east and west sides of the university after an announcement last week that part of the funds for the $15 million project will come from Gov. McDonnell’s “Six-Year Improvement Program.”

Civility on campus gets a closer look

Civility seems to be under attack at college campuses across the country, but solutions for fixing the problem are not always as easy as they may seem.  Last fall George Mason University launched an elective called Professionalism and Civility.  USA Today has a full report.

Employment outlook improves for 2011 grads

The National Association of Colleges and Employers says employers plan to hire 19.3 percent more recent college graduates this year than they did in 2011.  USA Today has a full report.

Cash is king ranks as students’ top concern

Money is routinely cited as a top concern among college students, both in the form of paying for school and for more common tasks of eating or commuting, according to a new Associated Press-Viacom survey.  Money also dictates choice of school and whether or not to finish once your start.  Forbes has a complete look at the survey.

GMU in talks for Tyson’s expansion

George Mason University officials are in talks with Fairfax planners about the possibility of expanding to Tyson’s Corner.  The talks are part of a planned development around Metro’s new Silver Line, where developers hope to include an outlet of higher education.  TBD has more.

Police to target bad driving on Fairfax County Parkway

Commuters to campus who drive on the Fairfax County Parkway should take note that a new police initiative went into effect yesterday to target aggressive and reckless driving.

Recommendation technology boosts results on campus

College students are accustom to getting recommendations from sites like Facebook and Netflix for what friends to add or movie to watch.  But now, that technology is coming to some campuses to help students select classes and it might just lead to better grades and less dropouts.  The Chronicle of Higher Education has more.

Student loan debt to top $1 trillion

As more students go to college across the county and as more of them borrow money to do it, experts predict student loan debt to reach $1 trillion by the end of the year.  The New York Times has more.

Congress' budget cuts could hit Pell program

As Congress works to approve a reduced budget, the proposed cuts could mean reduced Pell Grant awards for college students across the county.  Changes to the grant-aid program this late into the admissions process might cause problems for students.  The Washington Post has more.

Gun rights supporters plan Mason protest

This week a group of Mason students is partnering with a national gun rights group to protest firearm restrictions on campus.  The students will wear empty gun holsters while distributing flyers around Mason to bring awareness to their cause.  NBC Washington has more.