Fourth Estate Beat Reporter Reem Nadeem Mahmoud

Mercatus Center project rates states on freedom

The Mercatus Center at Mason has released the results of the Freedom in 50 States project, a study aimed to show how states match up to each other in terms of freedom.

The Mercatus Center, located in Arlington, conducts research on political and economic issues.

The Freedom in 50 States project was conducted and authored by William Ruger and Jason Sorens and ranks states based on different aspects of freedom.

Parking Services provides transportation alternatives for commuter students

For George Mason University student Julia Jazynka, who lives near the Vienna metro station, alternative transportation makes sense.

"I live right next to the metro so it's cheaper to just take the shuttle than have to pay for parking or anything," Jazynka said.

Not every student needs to live near a major metro station to have access to public transportation. Mason provides students with many options to avoid having a car on campus, most of which are either free or much cheaper than maintaining a car.