Fourth Estate Editor Vernon Miles

Election Day at Mason

Fairfax proved a pivotol county in the tight Governor's election. Over 800 students, faculty, staff, and Fairfax residents stopped by University Hall to cast their ballots. Democratic Terry McAuliffe won the election with 47.74% of the vote, defeating Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Libertarian Robert Sarvis. 303,465 votes were cast in Fairfax, with 67,000 votes more for McAuliffe than Cuccinelli: almost exactly what the Democrat needed to win.

Infograph: The Parkway Controversy

In the middle of the debate over the proposed parkway connecting Loudoun and Prince William Counties, President Ángel Cabrera has voiced his approval of the project. Cabrera claims the new road will bring increased business for Northern Virginia and more students for Prince William Campus. However, the parkway's opponents claim the issue isn't so simple.