Fourth Estate News Reporter Evan Petschke

How Mason determines snow days

Behind the anticipated Mason Alert giving you the okay to sleep through class is a calculated procedure. It involves many different faculty members who assess a variety of circumstances in order the make the best decision with the available information.

Mason introduces co-ed living options

Beginning in Fall 2014, returning students applying for on-campus housing will have the new option of “flexible housing” which allows students to live with the opposite gender.

Dining changes welcome students back for spring semester

The initial phases of Mason’s update to its dining facilities are starting to appear around campus this semester. The biggest changes thus far have taken place in the Johnson Center. In preparation for further renovations, Hot Spot and Sprouts were moved to the Hub where Original Burger was previously located. Original Burger was permanently closed.

New Sodexo contract prompts changes in campus dining

(illustration by Walter Martinez)

Mason’s next big project targets its dining options and promises many changes for the near future.

Mason dining signs new contract with Sodexo

Mason Dining signed a new contract with Sodexo this week to replace the old one that was to expire in 2014. The $400 million contract will be in place for 10 years. The new contract will implement many changes across campus.

“The spring will be exciting as the program starts,” said Mark Kraner, executive director of Campus Retail and Auxiliary Enterprises.