Fourth Estate Print Editor Suhaib Khan

Expected funding for Robinson demolition, renovation not included in state budget

Senior university administrators held a forum on Jan. 28th on the current budget situation at Mason as well as the implications as to what the governor’s proposed budget would be.

According to Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance, J.J. Davis, there are many internal and external factors  placing pressure on the way forward for the university, ranging from the presence (or lack thereof) of state support to the national conversation around student debt and affordability of higher education.

Shari Arison’s winter commencement address protested

Around 75 graduates and audience members walked out during the winter commencement protesting the ceremony’s commencement speaker, Israeli-American billionaire-businesswoman Shari Arison.

The student group that organized the walkout, Students Against Israeli Apartheid, listed its grievances against Arison and her business conglomerate in an open letter coauthored by recent graduate Tareq Radi (’13) and Professor Craig Willse.  The letter criticized the university for honoring Arison “given the central role the Arison Group plays in Israel’s illegal occupation and apartheid state.”