Fourth Estate Weekly Assistant Sports Editor Daniel Gregory

Baseball has an old man stink

If baseball had an apartment, I imagine it would have plastic-covered couches, black and white pictures and a candy jar filled with Necco Wafers and Werthers Original Butterscotch candies.

Economically, the sport is healthier than ever. But baseball is getting old. America’s past-time now appeals to an older audience more than any other major sport.

Hockey club continues work with children's hospital

As the number one seed of the Blue Ridge Hockey Conference, the Mason club ice hockey team has a lot to be proud of. One source of pride for the team and its coaches is their involvement with the Children’s National Medical Center.

On Oct. 25, the Mason club ice hockey team visited the Children’s National Medical Center’s main hospital in Washington D.C. for a tour of the facilities and the opportunity to meet and spend time with patients.