Jasmine Gould

Virginia Tech massacre revisited showing of in 'Living for 32'

Two individuals whose lives were changed forever by the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007 came to Mason on Thursday to speak about their experiences and fight to change the country's gun control laws.

As part of a national tour, Colin Goddard and Omar Samaha stopped at Mason to show the documentary, "Living for 32," a film dedicated to the 32 people who died in the massacre. The Department of Criminology and the Film and Media Department sponsored the event.

Nobel Peace Prize winner promotes her new book 'The Golden Cage'

Shirin Abadi (right), Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and her translator (left), speaks about her new book, "The Golden Cage." (Jenna Beaver)

The first Iranian and Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize for her work in human rights, came to speak at Mason on Thursday to promote her new book “The Golden Cage.”

Students participate in Day of Silence

Mason students on Friday participated in the National Day of Silence. Here freshman Ashley Rezai wears a sign to show that she is taking part in the nationwide event. (Jake McLernon)

Students across the George Mason University campus participated in The National Day of Silence on April 15.

Message of non-violence discussed at International Week event

Two Scholars from India on Thursday explained that the Gandhian philosophy of non-violent resistance is the most successful way to bring down regimes.

The Globalization in India Working Group hosted the event, “Non-Violent Resistance Today – Issues, Strategies and Challenges” on April 14. Many students and faculty members attended the International Week event.

Class registration for fall semester begins this month

Students who have not yet begun thinking about classes for the fall only have a few days left before registration begins.

Class registration for this fall begins Tuesday, April 12 and each student is assigned a time ticket based on the number of their completed credit hours.

Homecoming theme announced (put on your green and gold slippers)

This year's Homecoming theme will be "There's No Place Like Mason." (photo from Office of Student Involvement)

The Office of Student Involvement recently unveiled next semester’s Homecoming theme, “There’s No Place like Mason.”

Question Box: Um... What's that house by President's Park?

The Buchanan House is home to 1986 Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize winner of Economic Sciences, James M. Buchanan. Buchanan, 92 years old, is still an active member of George Mason University’s staff.

The house was built in the 1920s and was the former home of previous GMU President George W. Johnson. Later the building was renovated to be used for student research and hold the Center for Study of Public Choice.