Reuben Jones

Know a Patriot: More than a basketball coach

Assistant Coach for GMU Women's Basketball team Simone Edwards shows off a framed banner that commerates her memberahip in the WNBA's Seattle Storm All-Decade Team, an honor that was only given to seven players. (Jenna Beaver) 

C2M sizzles steak with Boxwoods' new chef

C2M reporter Reuben Jones poses for a picture with Chef Konrad Meier of The Mason Inn’s restaurant Boxwoods. Jones was able to have a tour of the kitchen as well as cook a steak with Meier. (Jenna Beaver)

Know a Patriot: He's not just a delegate

At the age of eight his family decided to pick up and move from the largest city in Colombia to a small wilderness town in Alaska.

Andres Chovil was born in Colombia and grew up speaking Spanish. When he was a child his family moved, because of his mother getting remarried, and transferred to the cold conditions of "The Last Frontier."

Student Government senate and leadership take official oaths

There's new student leadership at George Mason University. Incoming senators, the newly-elected vice president and student body president all took their oaths at noon Wednesday on the Johnson Center North Plaza.

D’Leon Barnett and Jacky Yoo begin their reign as the next student body president and vice president after winning in March with 31 percent of the vote. They succeed Devraj Dasgupta and Tyler King.

Mason's Growing Fan Base

When 2006 graduate Dale Van Wagner started the Patriot Platoon with a group of friends, he had no idea that George Mason University’s run in the Final Four would help make the group of fans a staple of Mason basketball.

German Ambassador Speaks to Mason Klaus Scharioth Recounts His Memory of the Berlin Wall’s Fall and its Effect

By Reuben Jones, Broadside Correspondant

Twenty years ago, the people of Germany celebrated a moment in their history that not only provided happiness to its citizens, but broke down a physical and mental barrier that divided all of Europe. It was an event that the German ambassador to the United States, Klaus Scharioth, described as one of the “most positive things that has happened in the past century.”