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Provost search reignites debate over faculty handbook

Citing concerns over their role in the provost search process, Mason’s Faculty Senate passed a resolution reaffirming a provision of the faculty handbook concerning the selection process for key administrative positions.

In a 20-4 vote on Oct. 9 2013, the Faculty Senate reaffirmed part of the faculty handbook that says, “The search and selection process must include opportunities for the General Faculty to meet with candidates who are finalists for the presidency.”

Mason dining signs new contract with Sodexo

Mason Dining signed a new contract with Sodexo this week to replace the old one that was to expire in 2014. The $400 million contract will be in place for 10 years. The new contract will implement many changes across campus.

“The spring will be exciting as the program starts,” said Mark Kraner, executive director of Campus Retail and Auxiliary Enterprises.

Veterans connect through Mason resources

The Office of Military Services fills in the gaps left by other university services to help veteran students maximize their education benefits.

Military Services falls under the office of admissions, allowing them to inform students about their benefits and offer them assistance from the very beginning of their college experience.

President Cabrera, Parking Services use Twitter to connect with students

In a world increasingly interconnected by social media, President Ángel Cabrera and Director of Parking and Transportation Josh Cantor utilize Twitter as a means to connect with and inform students.

President Cabrera joined Twitter in 2010, realizing that the website’s increasing popularity could be harnessed as a valuable student outreach tool.

National rise in Molly use leads officials to raise awareness

Kathryn Hernandez first heard about Molly in a popular song on the radio.

Hernandez, a criminology major at Mason, didn't think much of the song until she received a mass email from Rose Pascarell, vice president of University Life, warning students about the dangers of the drug Molly.

"You always hear about it in songs on the radio, but I didn't know that Molly was something big on campuses," Hernandez said. "So her email really brought it to the forefront that it's becoming a problem among college students."

Student senators resolve to promote inclusion, acceptance between campus organizations

At their meeting on Oct. 3, the Mason Student Senate passed a resolution addressing inclusion, acceptance, free speech and expression among Registered Student Organizations at Mason.

The resolution, to “nurture an environment of inclusion and acceptance, as well as the rights to free speech and expression, between registered student organizations,” is authored by Student Senators Aaron Yohai, Iqra Kapadia and Khushboo Bhatia.

RECAP: Board of Visitors meeting (3 Oct. 2013)

The Board of Visitors (wait, what’s that?) held its first meeting of the school year on Oct. 2. Fourth Estate live-blogged the full day meeting in its entirety. In case you don’t feel like looking through the notes – here are six big takeaways that you may have missed: