Conquer the sea

(Photo courtesy of Nick Stasiak)

It’s finals week...which means no sleep, caffeine, and an endless array of essays and cram sessions.  B

Review: Arrested Development returns

As the video begins, I’m greeted with Ron Howard’s voice as he introduces the scene in front of me. A man in a sweater vest, taking in the smoke of an older woman, rushes to the balcony to blow out the smoke for his mother who is under house arrest.

Dance students showcase their own creativity

For a dance choreographer, inspiration is the key ingredient for evey performance. Whether the inspiration comes from the music or the movement, it evolves into a complete piece that becomes a story.

Seniors Tikiri Shapiro and Janine Baumgardner, along with other juniors and seniors in Mason’s School of Dance, were given the opportunity to choreograph original pieces to be performed in the May Dance Concert  on Friday, May 3 at 8 p.m. and on Saturday, May 4 at 8 p.m. in Harris Theater.

Mason to study new William & Mary tuition freeze

In an effort to address the rising cost of higher education, the College of William and Mary approved a “tuition freeze” on April 19 for current students, meaning tuition rates will not be raised during a student’s four-years at the college, except to account for inflation. To help pay for the new policy, incoming freshmen will pay 14 percent higher tuition in the 2013-2014 school year.

DIY spring crafts

As the temperatures begin to rise, the ladies of George Mason University have been showcasing some fun and flirty spring fashion. Want to show your fashionable side but maintain the integrity of your wallet? Read on to learn how to introduce bright colors, fun bangles, and lace into your spring and summer wardrobe.

OPINION: "The Diary of Anne Frank" is not inappropriate, but rather realistic and relatable

Anne Frank seems to be making a lot of headlines recently, but for all the wrong reasons. Initially, her name popped up in the press when Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank home in Amsterdam and left a message in the guestbook, stating that he “hoped she would have been a belieber." As soon as the backlash from Bieber’s egotistical moment died down, a mother from Northville, Michigan filed a formal complaint with her child’s school system for including “The Diary of Anne Frank” in the syllabus, citing it as “pornographic.”

Top 5 weekend picks May 2

Every week Connect2Mason will offer five entertainment picks for your weekend. Ranging from on-campus to off-campus events, Connect2Mason's Top 5 will give you a jump start on your weekend. Here are the Top 5 picks for this weekend:

New police chief chosen

Heath will officially begin as chief of police on June 16 (photo courtesy of the University of Chicago).

Eric Heath will become the new police chief of the George Mason University police department starting June 16, 2013. 

The announcement was sent in an email by Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance Jennifer Wagner Davis on May 1. Heath currently serves as the Deputy Chief of Police in the Patrol Services Bureau for the University of Chicago.

Heath will replace former Police Chief Mike Lynch who stepped down in November 2012. Lynch will retire from a new position as special assistant and adviser to the university this August.