Mason Nation: Four Years After Final Four

Brion’s: The Place for Mason Fans

When Mason basketball fans needed a place to house their Final Four excitement, local restaurant Brion’s Grille was the natural choice.

The restaurant has supported the basketball program since it has been in business, something that comes naturally to owner Brion Sumser, a former Mason basketball player.

Baby Mason Grows Up

The basketball team’s run to the Final Four inspired one couple to name their new son, “Mason.”

Mason Jon Holdsworth, born March 22, 2006, is now a typical threeyear old boy who likes soccer, basketball, and nearly all sports. He lives in New York with his Mason alumni parents, Jason and Karen Holdsworth, classes of 1997 and 1998 respectively.

Livin’ on a Prayer: The Story of Mason’s Unofficial Theme Song

As a cacophony of trumpets and shouting fans drifts through the sweat-stained air, the excitement from the green and gold clad Patriot basketball fans is palpable.

The Making of the Green Machine: The Pep Band’s Popularity

It was just four short years ago that George Mason University’s pep band wowed the nation with its rendition of “Living on a Prayer” during Mason’s Final Four run in 2006. The pep band has always been a hit with student and alumni audiences but it became an even bigger hit with its triumph in the 2006 Final Four Battle of the Bands competition as well as its increased publicity during coverage of the NCAA Tournament.

Underdog Sports Stories Throughout History

As a number 11 seed, the Patriots were not expected to do much in the 2006March Madness Tournament. Famous CBS college basketball announcer Billy Packer even doubted if the Patriots really belonged in the tournament.

How the Patriots became Cinderella

The George Mason University 2006 Final Four team is special to a lot of people, including Mason’s administration, faculty, staff, students, the Fairfax community, CAA fans, and everyone who has ever been the ultimate underdog. That team and that season hold a very special place in my heart as well. It was my senior year- I had grown up at Mason with those guys.

Mason's Gain in Financial Gifts Since Final Four

Between 2005 and 2006, something happened at George Mason University. It was a one-year span that, with the exception of a single athletic event, was mostly ordinary. It was also a year in which freshman applications surged by 22 percent and private financial gifts to the university jumped from $20 million to nearly $34 million.