Student Fitness Spotlight: Jordan Fuhr—Future MBA and Triathlete

(Photo courtesy of Jordan Fuhr)

As a member of the Patriots Cohort and entering his second year in the MBA program Jordan Fuhr has had a unique experience on campus. As a University of Maryland alumnus, Fuhr has held numerous leadership positions since his days at College Park where he was inducted into Omicron Delta Kappa national leadership honor society. He currently works at the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, which is a not-for-profit education foundation focused on building the geospatial intelligence tradecraft and community. After being promoted, he now stands as the director of marketing and strategic communications for the organization.

Arlington’s Quiet Meditation Space

Arlington's meditation room is a quiet area for students who seek to relax and free their minds from the rigors of school (Photo by Evan Stancil).

Tucked behind the staircase on the second floor of Founders Hall is one of the Arlington campus’s unique features. The Arlington campus “quiet meditation room” is a small space that is used by students who choose to take a quiet moment to relax and relieve themselves of the pressures and stresses of school.

The space is a replica of the Fairfax campus meditation space, constructed in 2001, located on the third floor of the Johnson Center. The JC meditation center sparked controversy in 2007 as predominately Muslim students were using the room when the space was intended to be open to all students.

An Interview with Baseball Coach Bill Brown

(Photo courtesy of Mason Athletics)

Prior to boarding the team bus and heading south to Charleston, S.C. for The Citadel Memorial Challenge, George Mason baseball coach Bill Brown, entering his 33rd season, sat in his office looking over some papers in preparation for the 2013 season.

For Brown, who has coached the Patriots to 873 wins throughout his tenure, the expectations for the upcoming season were the same as they have been in years past.

OPINION: GMU Confessions and the effects of anonymity

With almost four thousand “likes,” the newly created Facebook page GMU Confessions has practically overrun the campus. It distracts students everywhere from their responsibilities and replaces them with hours of off-color entertainment and hilarious conversational topics. The confessions are so widely viewed that an oatmeal epidemic, shall we say, has stemmed from one unfortunate person’s account of their roommate’s blatant misuse of the breakfast product.

Arlington Campus

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