Arlington’s Quiet Meditation Space

Arlington's meditation room is a quiet area for students who seek to relax and free their minds from the rigors of school (Photo by Evan Stancil).

Tucked behind the staircase on the second floor of Founders Hall is one of the Arlington campus’s unique features. The Arlington campus “quiet meditation room” is a small space that is used by students who choose to take a quiet moment to relax and relieve themselves of the pressures and stresses of school.

The space is a replica of the Fairfax campus meditation space, constructed in 2001, located on the third floor of the Johnson Center. The JC meditation center sparked controversy in 2007 as predominately Muslim students were using the room when the space was intended to be open to all students.

The meditation center in Arlington is not used much by the students who have attended classes in Founders Hall since it’s inception in 2011. In fact, many students are not aware of its existence. The room certainly does exist and provides a comforting and quiet space to distract Arlington students from anything other than school.

Please let us know if you’ve ever used the mediation room on either the Fairfax or Arlington campus and what you like or don’t like about it. Tweet your reactions @C2MArlington.

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