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Provost discusses budget concerns in university forum

On September 10th, Provost Peter Stearns and Fiscal Services Controller Beth Brock held a forum to discuss recent budget concerns with the GMU community.

“We do mean to do [the forums] periodically,” Stearns told a packed room of administration and faculty in Mason Hall. “The main point is to show where budget issues are.” The forum was broadcasted live to both the Arlington and Prince William campuses.

University budget outlook not entirely bleak

Senior Vice President Maurice Scherrens described the university’s budget outlook last week as “good news in the context of bad news.” Provost Peter Stearns expressed similar sentiments.

Economic Burden Shifted to Mason Students, Parents

George Mason University (GMU) and higher learning institutions around the country have responded to the double-headed monster of state budget cuts and an ailing economy by forcing students and parents to shoulder an increasing share of the economic burden, according to GMU officials and knowledgeable observers.

General Assembly sending Mason $9 million

The Virginia General Assembly is sending $9 million in general fund monies to Mason.  The funds are part of  $100 million marked for higher education in the general fund.  The Mason money includes $3 million for recruiting math, science and technology faculty, according to The Examiner.