McAuliffe discusses women's rights with Mason students

Democratic governor candidate Terry McAuliffe spoke to a group of George Mason University students Thursday morning in George’s in the Johnson Center. McAuliffe told students how this upcoming election is important for the future of Virginia.

OPINION: Why sequestration is problematic

The United States cannot sustainably spend more money than it takes in—period. There will be a point where we are so tragically in debt, countries will stop buying our bonds and investing in the American economy. At the point that the world recognizes our budgetary issues cause us to be an unsustainable black hole, America itself will lose potency and further degrade its reputation.

OPINION: Constricting parties and the illusion of choice

The election is finally upon us and we are adjusting schedules to ensure we get to the polls on time. Because the candidates have varying stances on very important issues, Americans want to make sure every vote counts. But, sitting in my friends’ breakfast nook, looking at my absentee ballot, I realize that there is only the illusion of choice: we live in a system where only the two main parties ever vie for positions of political power.

Virginia Democrats hold rally on Fairfax campus [VIDEO]

A group of Virginia Democrats, including U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine, held a rally on the Fairfax campus Monday. (Jake McLernon)

Virginia Democrats, including a group of current and former elected officials, held a rally on the Fairfax campus Monday afternoon seeking support for Democratic candidates prior to Election Day on Tuesday.