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Editor’s Blog: Aligning Mason’s vision with Virginia’s goals

In a blog post last week, President Ángel Cabrera wrote about the changing relationship between public universities and the states that finance them. Cabrera presents some figures that show declining state support for universities who have had to find sources of revenue to make up the difference.

Editor's Blog: What the 2014 college rankings tells us about Mason

Every year, U.S. News & World Report comes out with a list of top universities in the nation. The most recent rankings, released Sept. 10, put Mason within the top 150, and 72nd when looking at just public universities.

Welcome to Mason, Class of 2017! Here's some words of advice.

College is a confusing, exciting, tiring, frustrating and magical time in your life. To help navitage the wonderful world of Mason, here are some words of wisdom.

Most high school grads think they'll come to campus as diploma-carrying champions to be greeted by cheers and celebration.

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Mason begins strategic planning process

George Mason University officials held their first town hall to collect input as part of its strategic planning process. The strategic plan will lay out concrete goals for Mason to fulfill its recently passed vision.

According to a news release by the university, Provost Peter Stearns outlined several draft goals that would be accomplished by a strategic plan, including increasing enrollment.

Week in review: June 13, 2013

Earlier this week, a state report showed that the rising costs of public higher education in Virginia are largely due to increased spending on non-educational expenses. According to the study, “student housing, dining, and intercollegiate athletics – through auxiliary enterprises – has been the largest driver of spending increases at Virginia institutions.” At the same time, financial support from the state has declined 22 percent over the past 20 years, putting more financial strain on students.