Welcome to Mason, Class of 2017! Here's some words of advice.

College is a confusing, exciting, tiring, frustrating and magical time in your life. To help navitage the wonderful world of Mason, here are some words of wisdom.

Most high school grads think they'll come to campus as diploma-carrying champions to be greeted by cheers and celebration.

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Trust me, we've all been there. But you might be treated a little differently than expected. 

Don't worry. After a few days, you'll find your footing and feel right at home.

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Now be warned. Contrary to popular belief, Mason isn't a perfect place. We have our share of problems.

But at least we're in tune with nature.

Even the administration admits we're not perfect.

Sometimes college will be overwhelming, and you'll need to cry it out.

But don't forget to get back on your feet and embrace your fellow Patriot.

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Go to Mason Madness. It's always important to show your school spirit.

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In the end, Mason will be another home for you. Take a note from our president and know when to brush off the small stuff. 

Also, don't forget to excercise. 

Otherwise, Southside will destroy you.

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