Fairfax County

Mason helping to promote 'Community Immunity,' campaign urging students to receive flu vaccine

Mason is assisting Fairfax County in promoting “Community Immunity,” a flu vaccination campaign, urging students to receive their flu shot. To promote the initiative, vaccination clinics are being held on all three campuses this fall.

Fairfax County to hold hearing on establishing campus voting precinct, polling location

If a Fairfax County ordinance is passed, on-campus students and faculty living in Masonvale may be able to vote at the above pictured University Hall. (Kevin Loker) 

Art & Design building receives Fairfax County design award

The Art and Design building on the George Mason University campus was built in August 2009. Now, one year later, the building received a prestigious award from Fairfax County.

The Art building, located behind Innovation hall, won the 2010 Exceptional Design Award. The Board of Supervisors recognized the builders Oct. 19.