Review: FOX's "Glee" tackles school shooting

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who feels that the most recent season of “Glee” lacks the thunder the show had in its previous seasons. Many fans were skeptical that the show would even continue to be that great, when last season saw the departure of more than half of the show’s original “golden” cast.

Others were hopeful and continued to stick around to watch season four. Anyone who has been watching this season and was a die-hard fan probably isn’t one anymore after seeing what “Glee” has had to offer recently.

Blind Mason alum to compete on 'Glee Project'

George Mason University alum Mario Bonds will begin competing in Oxygen channel’s “The Glee Project” on June 5 in hopes of appearing on FOX’s “Glee.”

“It has always been Mario’s plan A to inspire and to perform,” said Mario’s representative Vinson Young, speaking on behalf of Bonds. “After auditioning and auditioning and getting told no, ’The Glee Project’ was another way for him to finally get into the world where he wanted to be.”

Mason goes Glee - Live chat the season premiere

Tonight, join Connect2Mason for a Live Chat around the shenanigans of your favorite singers and stars on the hit show Glee.

You can join in with fellow students talking about the show by using our live chat window or tweeting with the hashtags #gmu and #glee.

The chat will run alongside the season premiere, tonight at 8:00 PM on Fox.