WAVES sends students off with tips to keep safe over spring break

While Spring Break can be fun and relaxing, it can prove to be dangerous to some college students. WAVES held safety awareness events during the week of March 2 to help prepare students for Spring Break.

One of the events was called “Sex on the Beach.” Named after the fruity cocktail, Sex on the Beach was an informative event that discussed the dangers of mixing alcohol with sexual activity. According to statistics, 50 to 72 percent of sexual assault perpetrators were under the influence of alcohol in sexual assault cases amongst college students.

New integrative research facility to house CHHS

The College of Health and Human Services will soon be housed in a new comprehensive building. The building, whose construction is set to begin in September 2014 on the Fairfax campus, will provide the foundations for a new health research facility that will contain classrooms, research labs and a community clinic.

POLL: What Type of Caffeine Do Students Prefer?

Caffeine addiction feels like an essential part of many American college students' lives. This week, Fourth Estate Lifestyle will be covering how caffeine impacts Mason campus and how it affects our bodies and the brains that we use this drug to stimulate.

OPINION: Why smokers on campus should be mindful of other people

If you’ve been to Starbucks, Innovation Hall or the breezeway between Robinson A and B anytime recently, you have probably noticed the hoards of smokers that congregate outside the doorways and socialize. For smokers, it seems these are some of the go-to places to burn a butt between classes. Normally, smokers don’t bother me. I’ve been exposed to cigarette smoke most of my life, having two smokers for parents.

Mason's Testival says 'Protect Your Jewels'

Due to rain, this year's Testival was moved to Dewberry Hall, where students learned about testicular cancer and how to prevent it. As men on campus learned to "protect their jewels," the theme of this year's festival, students participated in demonstrations, picked up informational packets and played games that focused on testicular cancer awareness.

Healthy eating made easier on campus

With 27 different restaurants and kiosks on George Mason University’s three campuses, there is a variety of dining options for students and facility.  However, this also means more and easier access to less nutritious foods.  Most people don’t have time to sit down to a wholesome meal between classes, homework, sports and other commitments, but this doesn’t mean that you have to go without healthy dietary options.

HIV awareness hits the stage at annual concert

The above video was shot and edited by C2M's George Yanez who was on scene for this year's HIV Awareness Week concert.