Poll: Masonlive update

A new update to Outlook and Masonlive has changed the appearance and layout of the webpage. Reactions on social media have been mixed.

C2M answers MasonLive FAQs

The full migration to the MasonLive e-mail system was completed Nov. 17. In the wake of the change, C2M, with the help of Bobbi Ritz, ITU associate director of Communication and Events, is helping to answer some FAQs.


I haven't been getting new e-mail lately, why is that?

All e-mail is now being re-routed to student’s MasonLive accounts. Incoming mail is no longer being received in MEMO inboxes.

What do I need to do?

ITU to begin forced transfer of e-mail accounts to MasonLive on Oct. 17

A flier for the university's new student e-mail system, MasonLive, hangs in the hallway of a freshmen residence hall. All students are scheduled to be on the system by the end of the fall semester. (Jenna Beaver)