C2M answers MasonLive FAQs

The full migration to the MasonLive e-mail system was completed Nov. 17. In the wake of the change, C2M, with the help of Bobbi Ritz, ITU associate director of Communication and Events, is helping to answer some FAQs.


I haven't been getting new e-mail lately, why is that?

All e-mail is now being re-routed to student’s MasonLive accounts. Incoming mail is no longer being received in MEMO inboxes.

What do I need to do?

In order to receive new e-mail and utilize expanded features of the MasonLive system, students need to opt-in to their account at http://masonlive.gmu.edu.

Are there any other features of MasonLive I should know about?

MasonLive boasts several new and expanded features including a 10GB e-mail mailbox, Windows Live Messenger and mobile anytime access. An overview of MasonLive features can be seen at http://masonlive.gmu.edu/overview.html.

Is there a way I can keep old e-mail from my MEMO account?

On the http://masonlive.gmu.edu/gettingstarted.html website you will find instructions on how to import MEMO e-mail.

I have a smart phone and a Gmail account. Can I link them to my MasonLive e-mail?

Instructions for configuring a smart phone device and setting up a mail forwarding system are also provided at http://masonlive.gmu.edu/gettingstarted.html.


For your information, students who have not yet accessed their new MasonLive accounts are impacted in several ways. In addition to having all new e-mail automatically routed to the MasonLive system, all e-mail forwarding in the old MEMO system has been removed. After opening a MasonLive account, students will have limited time access to their MEMO mailbox for viewing purposes only.

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