OPINION: Cuts to SNAP may be mitigated by donating to local food banks

For many Americans, November brings thoughts of a gluttonous holiday meal. But, for those Americans enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly referred to as SNAP, November brings a kick in the face reminder of their poverty.

On Nov. 1, a recession era boost in benefits expired, thus approximately 47 million people will have to cope with reduced food stamps just as the holiday season begins. The general consensus within the GOP seems to be that if the food stamp recipients work hard enough, they should be able to pull themselves out of poverty.

Interest in George's List declines as competitors emerge

A little-known Mason tradition is facing declining interest as new competitors emerge. George’s List, Mason’s answer to Craig’s List, competes with websites like GMU Marketplace as the online gathering place for the universi­ty’s buyers and sellers.

Junior Adarsh Pradeep visited George’s List before deciding to sell items on GMU Marketplace instead.

Cash is king ranks as students’ top concern

Money is routinely cited as a top concern among college students, both in the form of paying for school and for more common tasks of eating or commuting, according to a new Associated Press-Viacom survey.  Money also dictates choice of school and whether or not to finish once your start.  Forbes has a complete look at the survey.