OPINION: Legal representation hinders the goals of student conduct process

Dear Editor:

Thank you for the invitation to provide an opinion on HB 1123, a bill that has been proposed in the Virginia legislature. that The proposed bill would allow attorneys to actively participate in student conduct hearings at public institutions by representing students who are involved in cases that could result in suspension or expulsion from the institution.  As a professional educator, I am concerned about HB1123 for several reasons.

How do we save the news at Mason? (part 1)

Fourth Estate Editors Frank Muraca and Hau Chu spend a lot of time discussing how best to inform the Mason community. In rapidly changing world of journalism and media, they thought it'd be most helpful to have this discussion publicly. More importantly, we want to hear from you, the reader. Share your thoughts below or send us an email! Your ideas and feedback is important to us. 

OPINION: The best possible Super Bowl is one in cold weather

Relax Mike Ditka, a cold weather Super Bowl isn’t as bad as you extravagantly deplored earlier this week. In fact, football played in temperatures that make your hands numb fits right into the rugged, testosterone bound game’s roots.

OPINION: Degree value rises with Mason stock

Another year, another increase in rank of George Mason University on the US News and World Report rankings of Best Colleges in the United States. According to the report released on Sep. 10, 2013, Mason is ranked in their top 150 universities in the country.

VIDEO: My Two Cents - Mike De Robbio on "Prop 8"

Government and International Politics major Mike De Robbio, a junior, gave his two cents yesterday on the Supreme Court's hearing of Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act.

My Two Cents: Anthony Travieso

Anthony Travieso is a sophomore at George Mason University, where he studies economics. In this video, Anthony gives his two cents on the US-Cuban embargo, as well as explains the current status of the island country.

My Two Cents: Lauren Waldron

Lauren Waldron is a first year sophomore majoring in Communications with a double minor in Political Philosophy and Electronic Journalism and a concentration in Political and Persuasive Communications. In the video blog, Lauren shares her passion for political activism from a firsthand experience at a Students for Liberty Conference in the District, and how it impacted her own political belief and ideologies.

My Two Cents: Mike De Robbio

Connect2Mason’s “My Two Cents” features a member of the Mason community giving their view on an issue. This week, Junior Mike De Robbio, a government major, talks about President Barack Obama and habeas corpus. 

OPINION: When is it appropriate to begin decorating for the holidays?

Connect2Mason conducted a poll in which 69 respondents gave us their opinion  concerning the appropriate time to begin decorating for the holidays. The results might surprise you. 

How to cross the finals finish line [OPINION]

As I sit in Fenwick Library and think of the millions of ways I can occupy my time other than writing the two final papers of my college career, I can’t help but laugh at how my habits of procrastination always get in the way of my productivity.

Four years of late-night paper writing, always due to putting reading, research, writing and editing off until the last minute, have still not taught me to use my time wisely.