POLL: Should Mason students be allowed legal representation during conduct hearings?

According to Mason’s current student code of conduct, students are not allowed to have a lawyer represent them during hearings with representatives from the Office of Student Conduct. 

A bill in the Virginia General Assembly earlier this semester could have changed that system to make certain student conduct hearings look more like court proceedings. 

Poll: Masonlive update

A new update to Outlook and Masonlive has changed the appearance and layout of the webpage. Reactions on social media have been mixed.

POLL: How does Mason feel about the sudden colder weather?

With the sudden drop in temperature, and snow on the rise, Fourth Estate wants to know how Mason students are coping with the weather.

Poll: How do you pick classes?

What factors influence your decision when picking classes? Comment below with how you find your information (friends, catalog, ratemyprofessor, etc).

OPINION: When is it appropriate to begin decorating for the holidays?

Connect2Mason conducted a poll in which 69 respondents gave us their opinion  concerning the appropriate time to begin decorating for the holidays. The results might surprise you.