OPINION: The plight of the modern-day racist

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of bigotry today is how it seems to take place primarily online or behind closed doors. 

By now, most people have seen the Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial in which “America the Beautiful” is performed in seven different languages spoken in the United States today against the backdrop of the scenery and diversity of American society. In addition to the commercial itself, most people have also heard of the vitriolic reaction of many outraged Twitter users, all of whom seemed to take personal offense to the six non-English languages featured in the commercial.

OPINION: Mason's diverse population prevents hateful ignorance

I consider Mason’s diversity an asset, and I also believe exposure to culture’s outside one’s own is an integral part of the college experience. Thus, I was shocked to hear about the recent string of hate crimes at Oberlin College in Ohio. In the past month, students’ inboxes have been brimming with emails from administration in response to acts of racism, homophobia and anti-Semitism on the same campus that prides itself on being the first college to regularly admit female and African American students.

OPINION: The many colors of discrimination

My education began at a Lutheran elementary school in Richmond, Virginia. The school was small with only two hundred students, twelve classrooms and a staff of twenty teachers.

Mason announces that all charges against Abdirashid Dahir dropped

George Mason University announced on March 16 that they have dropped their charges against Abdirashid Dahir for alleged Abduction. The school plans to continue reviewing the case through their own Judicial Affairs process. 

UPDATE 6:45 p.m.

Dahir told Connect2Mason that he is "really happy with how things have turned out in the end," and that "everyone at Mason really is great, this is just a small case of a few people messing up that exploded to something bigger than it should be."