Mason announces that all charges against Abdirashid Dahir dropped

George Mason University announced on March 16 that they have dropped their charges against Abdirashid Dahir for alleged Abduction. The school plans to continue reviewing the case through their own Judicial Affairs process. 

UPDATE 6:45 p.m.

Dahir told Connect2Mason that he is "really happy with how things have turned out in the end," and that "everyone at Mason really is great, this is just a small case of a few people messing up that exploded to something bigger than it should be."

Connect2Mason was the first news organization to publish the press release.
This story began on March 8, when a Mason senior, Abdirashid Dahir, found himself in a conflict with an unidentified woman who allegedly occupied his study room in Fenwick Library.
After a verbal altercation with the woman, Mason police asked Dahir to leave the library, and later arrested him in his common room for alleged Abduction.
On March 16, just over a week after Dahir's arrest, Mason Public Relations released a press release that all charges against Dahir have been dropped, and that the investigation will continue through Judicial Affairs within the University. The University also announced that they will undergo an external and impartial review of the actions taken by University Officers.
Mason's press release is published below. View our past coverage of the case here. Follow Connect2Mason for continuing coverage of this topic.
Mason PR and Mason Police were contacted for a comment.
George Mason University Statement Regarding Arrest of Student in Fenwick Library
FAIRFAX, Va., March 16, 2011—George Mason University today announced all charges have been dropped against Abdirashid Dahir related to the incident involving Dahir and another student in Fenwick Library last week.  This action effectively removes the matter from the court system and allows the university to address the incident within its Judicial Affairs process.
In addition, the university will engage in an external investigation to conduct a thorough and impartial analysis of the actions taken by university police officers related to the incident that led to Dahir’s arrest on a felony charge.  At the appropriate time the findings of this investigation will be made public.
Thousands voiced their concern for the students at the center of this event during the past week. While this has been a difficult experience, the university is proud of its diverse and engaged students and alumni, who chose to speak out and get involved.
University officials will make every attempt to respond to those who provided contact information.
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