OPINION: Business interests, academia and the fiscal realities of contemporary education

Academia and business, those star-crossed lovers, locked horns in two major educational crises this past year. First, the University of Virginia was thrown into turmoil when their Board of Visitors suddenly and brazenly fired and subsequently rehired the university president who, up to that point, had served less than two years. The second catastrophe came this past week in Chicago when negotiations between the Chicago Teachers Union and the mayor dissolved into a full-on strike by the teachers, leaving nearly 400,000 students out of school.

Sodexo workers strike, plan rally for afternoon

A group of George Mason University's Sodexo-employed cafeteria workers have gone on strike today in order to protest alleged unsafe working conditions in Mason's cafeterias. They intend to rally this afternoon near Mason's Fairfax campus.

Connect2Mason received a press release this morning from SEIU alerting us to an upcoming rally by Sodexo workers from Mason's cafeterias. The workers have alleged unsafe conditions, retaliation from Sodexo over demands for safe jobs, a lack of reasonable benefits and intimidation. Mason Cafeteria workers intend to hold this rally at the intersection of Braddock and Roanoke Rd today at 1:30 pm.

Connect2Mason is continuing to follow up on this story and will have more information soon.