President Cabrera, Parking Services use Twitter to connect with students

In a world increasingly interconnected by social media, President Ángel Cabrera and Director of Parking and Transportation Josh Cantor utilize Twitter as a means to connect with and inform students.

President Cabrera joined Twitter in 2010, realizing that the website’s increasing popularity could be harnessed as a valuable student outreach tool.

OPINION: Mason students should take advantage of LinkedIn and its professional offerings

LinkedIn has been dubbed the professional Facebook by the Branding Muse. The business-oriented social network allows people to create professional profiles in order to connect with colleagues, classmates and employers. Job seekers use the site for employment. Employers and recruiters use the site to find potential employees. Because of the professional connections to be made, Mason students should embrace LinkedIn as a gateway to their future.

University lends official twitter account to students and faculty

On September 13th, George Mason University’s twitter account posted hints about a new project that would be released to its followers. 

“Announcement tomorrow at NOON on what our plans are for this account!” read one tweet from @GeorgeMasonU. “We can't wait to share! #MNP (Mason Nation Project).

Ángel Cabrera sends first Mason tweet... more to come?

Dr. Ángel Cabrera, who will become Mason's next president in Summer 2012, sends his first Mason tweet during an interview with Student Media members. (Dakota Cunningham)

The newly selected George Mason University president is on Twitter—and he’s active, too.