University precinct

Students, Mason officials agree to keep polling location at University Hall for coming year

After an hour long discussion between students and George Mason University officials, both parties agreed to keep the on-campus polling location at University Hall for another year.

“I don’t feel like we have enough information to make a different decision than one we have at this point,” said Rose Pascarell, vice president of University Life, at the March 29 meeting. “I think this needs to stay at University Hall for the next year until we have enough information for a reliable alternative.”

Paul wins University precinct, more than doubles Romney’s 10 votes

Ron Paul won the new University precinct on Super Tuesday with a total of only 22 votes.  

Mitt Romney, who was declared the state-wide Virginia winner on Wednesday, received 10 votes in the precinct in which registered on-campus students can cast their ballot. The two GOP rivals were the only candidates on the March 6 ballot.

Fairfax County approves voting precinct, on-campus polls to open for general election

Mason student Charles Bright, 25, testifies before the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors about the creation of a Mason voting precinct and polling location. The Board approved the ordinance which contained the change. (Kevin Loker) 

Fairfax County to hold hearing on establishing campus voting precinct, polling location

If a Fairfax County ordinance is passed, on-campus students and faculty living in Masonvale may be able to vote at the above pictured University Hall. (Kevin Loker)