Valentine's Day

Cooks and Crafts: Valentine’s Day Strawberries

A belated Valentine's Day treat for those in search of something sweet (photo by Amy Rose).

Valentine's Day DIY

Valentine’s Day arrives each February, imposing sentiments of love and romance mixed with obligation and dread on even the most stalwart-minded individual.

What do you love? [CONTEST WINNERS]

The above photos were selected as winners in the Valentine's Day Photo Contest. To see the caption paired with each photo and the user that submitted it, click on the image.

Students share thoughts on Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day here, many students are getting ready for romantic dinners, passing out Valentines and eating copious amounts of chocolate. But for some students this Valentine's Day is just another Monday. Earlier this week C2M's Karima Scott and George Yanez asked Mason students what Valentine's Day meant to them and here are their responses.