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Connect2Mason gives you some ideas to spruce up your Valentine's Day with DIY crafts and food ideas (photo courtesy of Jason Taellious via
Connect2Mason gives you some ideas to spruce up your Valentine's Day with DIY crafts and food ideas (photo courtesy of Jason Taellious via

Valentine’s Day arrives each February, imposing sentiments of love and romance mixed with obligation and dread on even the most stalwart-minded individual.

Although traditionally thought of as a day to celebrate love and affection, Valentine’s Day has become one of those commercialized holidays that are drenched in obligation by making someone run out to buy a requisite box of chocolate and roses. Others, however, reject it entirely and rebrand it as “Single’s Awareness Day.”

This year, shrug off some of the obligation, regardless of what your relationship status is, and read on for some fun and flirty crafts to celebrate Valentine’s Day with.


Like most holidays, half of the fun is getting in the mood of the season by decorating. However, rather than spend money on flowers that will eventually wilt, try your hand at one of these cute decorations to spruce up your place:

Spruce up your place with these Valetine's Day trees (photo courtesty of
o      The thought of a wreath might conjure up those leafy monstrosities that your grandmother loves, but check out this modern version of a sleek Valentine’s wreath to add some fun to your door or window. Or, if your taste is a little flashier, try this ruffled wreath made with tissue paper.

o      If you’ve got some time on your hands, try recreating this quirky Valentine’s tree to spruce up your desk.

o      If the flowers are really your favorite part of Valentine’s Day, have no fear. There are tons of easy and cute tutorials on how to create versions of flowers out of tissue paper and even coffee filters. Not only will these last longer, you may be tempted to leave them out all year.

Gifts for Your Girlfriends:

Save the mushy romantic gifts for your significant other and spend time making these fun Valentine’s crafts for your female friends.

o       These pretty earrings are a great Valentine’s craft and gift idea. Since they are made out of old soda cans, you can make some for all your friends and yourself too!

Make your own heart shaped tea bags to make any cup of tea festive (photo courtesty of

o       If your friend is fond of tea, visit Teavana to pick out a loose floral tea and take the time to stitch it up into these heart shape filters. Pair those teabags with a festive mug  so cozy that she’ll remember you wherever she goes.

o       This gift idea involves a little more of a time commitment, but the product result is certainly worth it! This sweet conversation heart charm bracelet is adorable, and a great way to use all those candy hearts.

Fun Food Ideas:

Turn those plain, boring ice-cubes into fun festive ones by making these heart shaped berry ice cubes (photo courtesty of 

Valentine’s Day allows you to be excused for smothering almost anything in pink frosting. It may be the best part of the holiday. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, check out these festive food ideas.

o       Those little candy conversation hearts are symbolic of Valentine’s Day, but they’re kind of gross. To keep some of the kitsch in your desserts, try this conversation heart cake, or modify it to make conversation cupcakes.

o       For a healthier way to get in on the heart-shaped food trend, try these heart shaped berry ice cubes that will surely amp up any glass of water or tea.

For You:

Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be about showing your love for anyone else. Instead, many choose to take the day and make it their own, or celebrate it with some single pals.

Have a get together with your gal pals and have some fun making the crafts and food ideas above. It can also be a fun way to break up the drab winter months with the bright, cheerful colors that Valentine’s Day is known for. Use it as an excuse to paint your nails a vibrant red or wear a pretty pink scarf to celebrate the day.

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