Mason men’s soccer game ends in scoreless deadlock against VCU

Mason men’s soccer tied Virginia Commonwealth University in a 0-0 draw on Sunday at George Mason Stadium. The VCU Rams looked to build on their four-game winning streak, but despite their efforts Mason held them scoreless through regulation and two overtime periods.

Mason came out strong in the first half, playing excellent defense and had several quality scoring chances. The match ebbed back and forth, as neither team could get a clear advantage. The Rams and Patriots were both aggressive in the beginning, probing both defenses, trying to find a weakness.

Report: GMU men's basketball had shortfall of $2.3 million in '11-'12

On Monday morning, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission released a report detailing non-academic services and costs of higher education public institutions in Virginia.

The report addressed a number of issues facing the current landscape of college athletics, specifically in the state, including funding, student fees and revenue generation of basketball and football programs. 

OPINION: Mason should offer a greater variety of courses in the arts

Though George Mason University is not an art school, it needs to have more options to fulfill the general education fine arts requirement that all students must complete before graduation. Mason should offer classes that both fulfill the arts requirement and appeal to a greater variety of students’ interests.

Right now, Mason offers art courses that involve art history, dance, music, theater and art and visual technology. Basically, you can sing, dance, draw, paint, act, play with Photoshop or sit through a boring lecture.

Mason eliminated in the 'VCU Coliseum' yet again [OPINION]


In a Coliseum full of VCU fans, the Mason chants essentially went unheard. Sure, more Mason supporters could have come down. Sure, maybe the ones that were there could have been louder. But would it have made a difference?

When playing in the “VCU Coliseum,” Mason Nation has little hope of being heard.

Toppled in Richmond [COURTSIDE SEATS]

It happened again.

For the fifth time in as many chances and the third time in three years, the Patriots were trumped by the VCU Rams in the Colonial Athletic Association Tournament at the Richmond Coliseum.

Patriots look to bounce back at VCU from loss in season finale

Head coach Paul Hewitt made it clear that his team had one goal in mind for the regular season: to win the conference.

That is no longer possible.

With the 85-82 overtime loss at Northeastern Wednesday evening, George Mason (23-7) dropped to 14-3 in the CAA, tied for second with VCU and one game back of Drexel. With the Mason loss, Drexel has clinched first place in the conference and the top seed in the upcoming CAA Tournament.

Valentine's, or VCU? [VIDEO]

How did students answer the question in the North Plaza? (Jake McLernon)

February 14 goes by many names for students. For many, it's Valentine's Day. For some, it's Singles Awareness Day, Hallmark Day or V-Day. This year, for the Mason Nation, V-day might carry a whole new name: VCU Day.

A closer look at VCU’s improbable run

VCU wasn't expected to make the NCAA Tournament. They weren't expected to win any games. But now they are just two wins away from a National Championship. (John Powell)