VIDEO: Students voice opinions on Mason's gun policy

This week's opinion piece by Fourth Estate Opinion Columnist John Hill was one of the most controversial and polarizing topics of this semester. Heated discussions took place on social media and on the website. There was considerable contention and confusion over rules banning firearms and weapons at campus. See what Mason students had to say about guns on campus in our Man on the Street segment.

My Two Cents: Nicholas Brightwell

Nicholas Brightwell, a senior, studies Government and International Politics at Mason. In this two cents video, he talks about problems within the educational system.

My Two Cents: Grace Knight

Grace Knight, a junior studying global affairs at George Mason University, speaks briefly on the postal service and its requirement to prepay 75 years worth of pensions.

Students create official George Mason University "Harlem Shake" video

What started off as a way to pass time during a slow day in Australia has become an instant viral hit. These “Harlem Shake” videos have become the latest pop culture hit. With millions of views on YouTube, everyone has joined in the craze.

VIDEO: Obama visits RAC Field, diagnoses Mitt with "Romnesia"

President Obama visited the Fairfax campus of George Mason University on Friday, October 19 where he came out swinging at Governor Mitt Romney, and, using a new attack line, called Romney a flip flopper on the issues, referring to his change of views as a case of “Romnesia.”



Greek Week's Shackathon raises $7500, awareness for homeless [VIDEO]

Greek Organizations paired up to build their shacks out of recyclable materials for the first time in this year's Shackathon fundraiser.

A campus holiday tour

C2M- Holiday Campus Tour from Raul Rosado on Vimeo.

The weather is colder, the malls are full, and there are lights everywhere – that means the holiday season is here once again.

Footage from Cabrera's first Mason press conference [VIDEO]

Missed the press conference this morning with Dr. Ángel Cabrera? We've uploaded the footage to our YouTube account and posted it above.

The Hunt in video (and more on prizes)

Connect2Mason had a team of photographers and videographers on hand Saturday Sept. 3 for The Hunt. This video is a compilation of the day. (Jake McLernon)

Still reeling from the mindbending puzzles in The Hunt? Now you can relive all the frustrations and joys in this video compilation of Hunt Day footage. 

Joy or jitters? Fall classes begin

The Fairfax campus was once again full of students this Monday. Here are some of their thoughts. (Jake McLernon)