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Report: GMU men's basketball had shortfall of $2.3 million in '11-'12

On Monday morning, the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission released a report detailing non-academic services and costs of higher education public institutions in Virginia.

The report addressed a number of issues facing the current landscape of college athletics, specifically in the state, including funding, student fees and revenue generation of basketball and football programs. 

OPINION: Campus construction is a cause for frustration

As the semester begins, prospective students stroll along the sidewalks of campus with their parents. Some of these school-scouts have likely visited Virginia Tech or The University of Virginia, two schools which boast stately architecture and a beautiful symmetry. Though I was not able to visit any universities before I enrolled at Mason, my first impression of the school was that it seemed park-like. Winding concrete sidewalks took students on tiny adventures to undiscovered buildings with odd names.

Virginia Tech massacre revisited showing of in 'Living for 32'

Two individuals whose lives were changed forever by the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007 came to Mason on Thursday to speak about their experiences and fight to change the country's gun control laws.

As part of a national tour, Colin Goddard and Omar Samaha stopped at Mason to show the documentary, "Living for 32," a film dedicated to the 32 people who died in the massacre. The Department of Criminology and the Film and Media Department sponsored the event.