Apple’s Fantasy Projections: Week 11

Michael Vick is coming off one of the most impressive quarterback performances ever, and he is the top-ranked fantasy QB for Week 11. (Photo from Creative Commons, user Ed Yourdon

Quarterbacks Opponent
 1. Michael Vick (Phi)- The Giants have a solid defense but he is coming off one of the most impressive QB performances ever seen. As the best duel-threat QB in the league, look for big numbers from him the rest of the year if he stays healthy.  NYG
 2. Philip Rivers (SD)- With more fantasy points than any other QB in the league, it's hard to ignore his dominance, despite having little help on the offensive side of the ball.  Den
 3. Aaron Rodgers (GB)- The Packers have a pass-first offense and Rodgers is the perfect man for the job. Who needs Brett Favre anyway?  Min
 4. Eli Manning (NYG)- He has been putting up better numbers than a certain QB also named Manning. The Giants will need to score points to keep up with the Eagles so expect Eli to look to pass.   Phi
 5. Peyton Manning (Ind)- He may have a lot of guys hurt and he may not be putting up his usual numbers, but he is still Peyton Manning.  NE
 6. Tom Brady (NE)- In a game against Peyton and the Colts, expect the Patriots to do a lot of passing. Lacking a dominant RB, Brady will be looking to pass early and often.  Ind
 7. Drew Brees (NO)- The Saints may be struggling, but Brees did lead his team to a Super Bowl victory, and, more importantly, they are playing Seattle.  Sea
 8. Ben Roethlisberger (Pit)- Hines Ward is questionable, but the only thing "Big Ben" needs is his go-to-man Mike Wallace. In a game against the Raiders, expect a lot of offense.  Oak
 9. Kyle Orton (Den)- Yes, Kyle Orton made the list. He is quietly having a great season. Sure he will throw a few picks, but he is going to throw a few TDs also.  SD
 10. Matt Ryan (Atl)- "Matty Ice" and the #1 ranked Falcons are taking their talents to Saint Louis... the land where pretty good QBs look great.  StL
Running Backs Opponent
 1. Chris Johnson (Ten)- This guy is a top two or three RB option every week. This week he is playing the Redskins, making him a top-one option (sorry Redskins fans).  Was
 2. Adrian Peterson (Min)- This guy is also a top two or three option every week. With Brett Favre struggling to stay healthy, the VIkings will look to run the ball more frequently.  GB
 3. Frank Gore (SF)- Despite the team's struggles, he consistently puts up good numbers in a run-first offense.  TB
 4. Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac)- He hasn't been the MJD of last year, until last week. Expect him to carry that momentum over to a matchup with the Browns.  Cle
 5. Peyton Hillis (Cle)- Seemingly out of nowhere, Hillis has become one of the best backs in the NFL, and he is playing a defense that can give up points in bunches.  Jac
 6. Rashard Mendenhall (Pit)- This guy deserves to be on the list every week. The Steelers have a balanced attack with passing and rushing, and the Raiders aren't known for their defense.  Oak
 7. Steven Jackson (StL)- The Rams may not score often, but when they do, it is usually this guy. He may not have much help, but he gets a lot of carries every game.  Atl
 8. Michael Turner (Atl)- The Falcons should be able to dominate the Rams, and they have a balanced offense. Expect Turner to get his fill.  StL
 9. Jamaal Charles (KC)- He floats under the radar, but he deserves to be a top-ten RB. He has put up impressive numbers all year and playing the Cardinals is an enticing matchup.  Ari
 10. Arian Foster (Hou)- Normally a top-five ranked RB this year, he has been bumped due to a matchup against the tough Jets defense.  NYJ
Wide Recivers Opponent
 1. Roddy White (Atl)- Expect "Matty Ice" to look to his main-man Roddy against a weak Rams defense. He is the leading WR in fantasy points this year.  StL
 2. Calvin Johnson (Det)- Dallas may have had one good game last week, but don't forget how ugly their secondary has been the nine weeks prior. The QB situation in Detroit is a bit shaky, but Calvin is not.  Dal
 3. Brandon Lloyd (Den)- Kyle Orton loves to throw the ball, even when he shouldn't. But this should make Lloyd owners very happy, considering he is the second-leading WR this year only behind Roddy White.  SD
 4. Hakeem Nicks (NYG)- The Giants will need to score points against Michael Vick, and Nicks has become Eli's #1 option and one of the top recievers in the league. Phi
 5. Reggie Wayne (Ind)- With Collie, Gonzalez, Clark, Addai and Hart injured, it seems likely Wayne will get some opportunities.  NE
 6. DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin (Phi)- They have Michael Vick under center... need I say more? If you own one of the two, start him. If you own both, even better.  NYG
 7. Andre Johnson (Hou)- Normally a top-five option, Andre has been bumped due to a matchup against the Jets (just like Foster).  NYJ
 8. Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco (Cin)- Owens has replaced Ochocinco as the Bengal's top reciever, but starting either one of them against the Bills is quite attractive.  Buf
 9. Dwayne Bowe (KC)- This guy just performs every week. He is the sixth-ranked fantasy WR this season, and the Cardinals tend to give up points.  Ari
 10. Mike Wallace (Pit)- He is Big Ben's favorite target and he has five TDs in his last five games.  Oak
Tight Ends Opponent
 1. Vernon Davis (SF)- He is "Mr. Consistent" when it comes to the tight end position. Without many productive recievers in the 49ers offense, most passes are thrown in his direction.  TB
 2. Jacob Tamme (Ind)- He is listed as questionable due to a back injury, but if he plays he is a must-start. The Colts lost Dallas Clark and haven't missed a bit.  NE
 3. Antonio Gates (SD)- Just like Tamme, he is questionable. But if he plays, keep in mind he is the top-ranked TE this year, even with missing last week's game.  Den
 4. Mercedes Lewis (Jac)- He is the second-leading fantasy TE this year, only behind Philip River's favorite target, Antonio Gates.  Cle
5. Dustin Keller (NYJ)- The Jets don't have much of an offense, but when Sanchez looks to pass he often looks to Keller.  Hou
 6. Tony Gonzalez (Atl)- Matt Ryan loves to throw the ball. When Roddy White isn't open, ol' reliable Tony Gonzalez is there.  StL
 7. Aaron Hernandez (NE)- This guy is really hit or miss. Two weeks ago he had two TDs and last week he didn't catch a pass. But if you own him and don't have any of the guys 1-6, start him.  Ind
 8. Jason Witten (Dal)- He only has four catches in his last two games, but maybe the Cowboys will open up the pass offense against the Lions.  Det
 9. Todd Heap (Bal)- He is another guy who is really hit or miss. Most likely he will only have three or four catches, but Joe Flacco typically looks for him in the redzone.  Car
 10. Brandon Pettigrew (Det)- He also gets a minimal amount of opportunities, but he is used often in the redzone.  Dal

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