Clothing tips to beat the cold

Students bundle and layer their best winter gear to fight off chills (photo by Amy Podraza).
Students bundle and layer their best winter gear to fight off chills (photo by Amy Podraza).

Students, professors, and faculty alike have to deal with the constantly fluctuating snowy spell that has fallen upon Mason. With below freezing temperatures and frigid wind chill, it is important to stay warm while walking around campus. Here are some winter clothing essentials and tips to turn your wardrobe from warm to totally toasty.  

Gloves: Have frozen fingers but do not want the hassle of taking them on and off to use your phone? Tech gloves are the solution! These gloves have special fabric on the fingertips that allow you to use touch screen devices while your hands stay warm. And they are cheap at stores like Target.

Hats and Scarves: Beanies, knit headbands, and earmuffs are all good ways to keep your head and ears toasty. Avoiding hats because of dreaded hat hair? In order to ensure less flattened locks, make sure your hat is not too tight fitting and that your hair is completely dry. In addition to hats, scarves can be used not only to keep your neck and chest warm, but also your nose and cheeks. Wrap your scarf around your nose and mouth to keep the winter wind off your face.

Footwear: Guys and girls can keep themselves warm by wearing proper footwear in the cold. Winter boots are a great choice because most of them have good traction for icy conditions and they can keep feet warm and dry. Will a pair of winter boots break the bank? Then sneakers or rain boots are a more affordable substitute. Combine footwear with a good pair of socks to ensure comfort and coziness.

Coats and Layers: Throw a coat or jacket on top of any winter outfit and the extra layer will be sure to block out more of the chill. If it is snowing outside, try a coat that is water resistant or waterproof. This way, when the snow melts it will not soak your coat. If you do not have time or money to get a winter coat, dressing in multiple layers will help tremendously in keeping warm while walking across campus to class. Add a long sleeved shirt under your sweater for an extra thermal layer. Add a raincoat on top if it is snowing to keep dry as well. Layering also works for leg wear. If leggings or jeans are not cutting out the cold, then try doubling up leggings or wearing a pair of fleece-lined tights under jeans.

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