Game of Thrones: Where the points don’t matter (because you’re probably dead)

HBO's hit show "Game of Thrones" premiered with its third season this past Sunday on March, 31 (photo courtesy of
HBO's hit show "Game of Thrones" premiered with its third season this past Sunday on March, 31 (photo courtesy of

If you are tired of pre-recorded laugh tracks or sick of your heart being unbroken and whole, then HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is the right show for you. Now on its third season, “Game of Thrones” is based on the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin.

You may have heard about this television series for its unapologetic execution of violence and sex (occasionally at the same time) painted explicitly on the screen with every episode. In each season, the sex, violence and sabotage escalates steadily and painfully until the final episode, which leaves its fans screaming in possible terror and secret delight. Trapped inside of an ongoing epic of sabotage, royal succession, and betrayal, is a story of loyalty, courage, and strength. It is a battle that begs the question “Who will win the Game of Thrones?”

After nearly a year long hiatus, “Game of Thrones” premiered this past Sunday with record breaking ratings in its season premiere on March 31, 2013. “Game of Thrones” follows the stories of multiple families, their subsequent loyal soldiers and the dirtiest deserters. By season three, all of the families are completely scattered across the world, sure to become only more broken and bloodied by their enemies, or even each other.



New actors and returning actors prove to be just as thrilling in the first episode of season three as they were in previous seasons. Yet, the first episode was missing some important characters from the third book “Storm of  Swords,” such as Jaime Lannister, Arya Stark and Bran Stark. However, the next episode promises these characters and others to make an appearance. Many viewers beg this to be true, especially since season two left the audience in total suspense regarding these characters’ fates for nearly a year.

The first episode did, however, make sure to tease the audience with a brief glimpse at fan favorite Tyrion Lannister (played by Peter Dinklage) and Stark family underdog Jon Snow (Kit Harington). Hopefully episode two, set to air this Sunday, April 7, at 9 p.m., will shed more light on the world which continues to descend into misery, murder and madness.

Or, who knows, the series may end like any proper Shakespearean comedy, with a wedding.

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